The 1st International Conference on Prospective Quantum Technology: Science and Applications
Venue POSCO International Center (1st Floor Auditorium)
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Recently, quantum technology, considered as a next generation technology, has emerged as a significant field of research and development with the potential to revolutionize several sectors of society. This conference aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and industry professionals from across the globe to discuss and explore the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in the field of quantum technology.

Through a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and invited sessions, we hope to create a platform for fruitful exchanges of ideas, and facilitate collaborations among the participants. The conference will cover a wide range of topics including quantum materials, superconducting quantum devices, quantum optics, cold atoms and molecules.

The workshop, supposed to be an annual meeting, is organized with the philosophy of current research of science and applications on broad range of quantum technology. To maintain the scientific excellence of the workshop, the talks are given mainly by the plenary speakers and invited speakers, who are the principal leader of each outstanding research group. The program is rather interdisciplinary and comprehensive, and intensive discussions among the different fields are naturally induced during the conference.

We believe that this conference will not only provide an opportunity to share cutting-edge research and discoveries, but it will also contribute towards the development and advancement of quantum technologies. We thank all the participants for their interest and look forward to a productive and engaging conference.